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My name is Lauren Pohle and I am a Board-Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner and Entrepreneur. 

In 2017, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey and I discovered a profound passion for the world of business. After studying and becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I started my inaugural venture called "Modern Med," which materialized as a medical spa where I diligently manage day-to-day operations alongside my dedicated team. Through the success of Modern Med, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to explore other areas such as the dynamic realm of fashion.  My second business I started, "LuMED" is dedicated to correcting medical fashion problem I experienced after years of having worn medical scrubs that do not fulfill basic functional tasks . I recognized the imperative for healthcare professionals to have attire that not is not only comfortable but also fulfills functional requisites while boosting confidence and overall well-being.


LuMED is the product of this realization.  It is meticulously crafted for performance by blending style with functionality. LuMed scrubs exude a luxurious touch akin to a beloved activewear brand while maintaining the polished appearance requisite in healthcare settings. The world of e-commerce and the journey with LuMED have bestowed invaluable lessons within a remarkably short span. Witnessing its reach extend to nearly every corner of the United States, LuMED is a testament to our gradual, judicious brand growth strategy. 


As I forge ahead, my sights are set on the next phase: the expansion and growth of Modern Med.  I envision its size doubling and the realization of a long-held aspiration—owning the commercial space that houses my practice. This upcoming endeavor not only fulfills a personal goal, but also signifies the unwavering commitment to the ventures that have fueled my passion for entrepreneurship.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world, your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to step out of my full-time hospital (bedside nursing) job and become an entrepreneur. It was scary because so much was unknown. But in the end, it was completely worth it.  


I enjoy helping others learn and succeed. I hope to inspire others to dream big and never apologize for being successful.

I hope to use this platform to educate on injectables, skin care, business, and to teach other young entrepreneurs how to build a successful business. I am also excited to share some of my favorite things with you all, such as puppies, shoes, cocktails, travel, fashion, and more!

I want to thank you for checking out my website, and if you haven't already,  subscribe on my home page so you never miss a post. 

Xx Nurse Lauren

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