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Did you know we offer training courses at Modern Med in Saint Louis, Missouri?!

2 years ago, I created a two part, Intro to Botox and Filler course, for medical professionals who are ready to break into the industry or for students wanting to learn more information about aesthetic medicine.

Every hands on course in 2021 was sold out and I am so grateful that people want to learn from me!

Here is the course information:

Part 1 (available to anyone interested, licensed, student, or just curious) goes over all the details of:

  • How to break into the industry

  • Aesthetic Medicine laws and malpractice

  • the Drugs and the companies

  • reward programs

  • what is needed to get the drugs

  • pharmacology

  • anatomy

  • consulting

  • contraindications

  • complications

  • treatment

  • plan

  • dermal filler brands and basics

  • and more

After launching the first course (part 1) live, I no longer do the course live but send the live version in a YouTube video when the course is purchased.

Part 2 (for licensed medical professionals only) includes a 4-5 hour hands on group session at Modern Med. Each participant gets to bring a model for tax and a model for lip filler. Injections will be partially supervised by myself or Modern Med colleague.

Must take part 1 or equivalent first to be eligible to take part 2. Only 6 participants per class. Part 2 includes:

  • in person consulting and charting

  • in-depth anatomy review

  • in-depth treatment protocols

  • in-depth marking patients

  • After care review

  • tox and lip filler LIVE demonstration

  • drug review and reconstitution

  • Hands on injecting up to two models (upper face tox and lip filler) under partial supervision.

  • live Q&A


Goals to have when taking this course:

  • wanting to learn more about aesthetic medicine

  • wanting to eventually break into the industry

  • wanting to gain knowledge on how to be an injector

  • wanting to gain a certificate to add to your resume and apply for a job at a med spa or doctors office

  • wanting to add injectables to your current practice

I also teach private courses, advanced courses, and group trainings.

For more information email me at

If you are wanting to shadow, to see what a day in the life of an injector looks like, sign up here: A DAY IN THE LIFE

I hope to see you at one of my courses in the future! For sign up and course dates please visit

Check out the photos and video below from my previous courses. I also have attached some reviews from my students!


Nurse Lauren

disclaimer* taking my course does not guarantee a job in aesthetic medicine and does not mean you are ready to inject independently. This course is just the beginning! Please look into laws, malpractice, and invest in more hands-on course/educational seminars to continue learning always!



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