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Making Time For Self Care Talk on KSDK Show Me Saint Louis, The Morning Show!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Hi, my name is Lauren Pohle and I am a nurse practitioner and the owner of the aesthetic medicine clinic Modern Med in Kirkwood Missouri.

Modern Med is a results driven aesthetic medicine clinic that strives to deliver natural but noticeable results while providing opportunities to educate patients on overall wellness, beauty, skin care and aging prevention. Our Services we offer are cosmetic injections such as botox and filler, sculptra, Iv infusion, PRP, Qwo cellulite treatments, acne bootcamp, microneedling, facials, chemical peels, LHR, Emsculpt neo, brow lamination, lash lift, cupping, acupuncture and more. I think patients come to see us because we are honest, professional, and our results speak for themselves. We are also fun..we love doing tiktok dances and doing funny reels during a 5 minute down time.

Today we really wanted to talk about self care and antiaging. SPF is the most important product you should be using every day. We have several medical grade SPFs at modern med that range from tinted, sheer to a compact make up like application.

Why choose medical grade? Answer: More active ingredients and less dilutents.

Skin care can be fun, I consider skincare "self care".

A couple at home tips when doing skin care are:

Wash your hands before touching your face

Double cleanse 1. To get off first and oil and 2 to cleanse pores

Do not pick acne - ice as needed to calm inflammation and redness.

Everyone needs moisturizer even if you are oily.

SPF needs to be applied every day rain, sun, snow or shine.

Every person over the age of 30 should be using a retinol at night for skin cell turnover.

Start slow with retinol and titrate as tolerated.

Something fun we sell at modern med are jelly masks for at home self care nights. They are around $36 and come with 2 applications. They are perfect for an at home self care night.

You can find all the products we talked about today on our website Or come in and see us for a consult with a custom skincare plan.

We would like to invite everyone to our OPEN house at Modern med on October 2nd, we will be doing free consultation, have local stl vendors, giveaways, photo booth, food truck and more. To view the event and RSVP - CLICK HERE!

We hope to see you all there!


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