• Nurse Lauren


☀️I finally had a chance to lay out at the pool today. I found myself covering my body and face with a towel, sitting under shade, and applying SPF 50 all day long!


When you invest so much time and money into getting your skin glowing, the last thing I wanted to do was to burn it and start over. .

I also was reading an article that states in 2019 in the US, an estimated 96,480 new cases of melanoma (skin cancer) will be diagnosed and an estimated 7,230 deaths from melanoma are expected. 😳 If this doesn’t scare you it should.


Do you use a medical grade sunscreen? Medical grade sunscreen has scientifically proven ingredients to block UVA (overcast rays) and UVB (burning) rays that both can cause skin cancer. Your OTC sunscreen blocks mostly UVB rays. Medical grade skin care has less diluents and more active ingredients which is why it is sold by only medical and skin professionals 👩🏼‍⚕️.


If you do not have a sunscreen or you want to switch to a medical grade SPF it’s your lucky day! I’m offering 10% Obagi Matte broad spectrum SPF 50 all summer long! .

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