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Starting in Aesthetic Medicine can be tough. Here are some tips for new and established providers!

Tips to make you the best aesthetic provider possible: -Take all the classes. Never stop learning. If you are the smartest in the room, you are in the wrong room!

-Question the why. WHY do we do things a certain way. WHY don't we try it another way. Don’t just say “this is how we do it”. We get caught up in trusting certain people in the industry and most the time, the people we are listening to usually don't know the "why". We are not robots. Think for yourself and question everything until you get an answer.

-Educate yourself on beauty. Any medical professional can inject, but the ones that understand beauty and the multiple injection points to create beauty and skin care services to create an attractive outcome are the better injectors in my opinion. Some artist are better than others. Educate yourself.

-Look the part. Don’t just role out of bed and go in. Do your hair, put some make up on etc. If you are a hot mess going into inject peoples faces, how can patients trust you. Dress to impress always! Make sure your scrubs are clean and pressed and your business attire is tasteful.

-Don’t be over done with injections. Huge red flag! When patients walk into an office and see the injector and the staff over injected, that should send them running. Practice what you preach.

-Educate your patients and then EDUCATE them again. Show them why you are the professional. It will be frustrating at time, because patients will not listen because they are too anxious or excited about their appointments. Use the teach back method and give them visuals. This has helped the most in my practice, along with aftercare hand outs.

-Have your patients sign a consent for each procedure they are doing. Your patients don't read them so go over it with them when they are in your chair so that they are informed on your policies, procedures, and liability. No one has time for a lawsuit!

-Listen to your patients wants and needs and then conduct a plan. Make sure the plan addresses the patients wants and needs or that patient will not trust you. Educate when appropriate. (ex: tear trough filler needs to be combined with mid face)

-Don’t just focus on one area. Aesthetic medicine is a full face approach and utilizes different services to get to the best outcome. Paint the full picture, not just the center of the flower (aka the lips)

-Stop overfilling patients just to get the sale. This will ruin your reputation. Be ethical. Be an artist, not a sales person and you will go a lot further in this industry.

-Follow up with your patients. Your patients spend a lot of money with you and deserves to see you for a follow up. This will also help address any concerns or complications they might have with you before taking it to the internet. It is your chance to redeem yourself. It is better to see them back in your chair to complain than to have a 1 star review with your name on it go up on google or yelp. Bye bye career! Also when you see them back in two weeks you have an opportunity for follow up picture to post in your portfolio!

-Skip the house calls. You will never be taken seriously and always expected to give a discount. Plus, bad lighting, drinking, travel stress, kids, dogs, poor positioning etc.

-Be smart with your time. What can you get done in 1 hour that gives the patient the best outcome. What will be the wow factor that brings the client back!

-Get on social media. Hello FREE advertising. Have patients sign photo consents always and post away!

-Have a clean, tasteful space to inject in. It sets the vibe.

-If you are not comfortable doing something- don’t! Get more training or ask a colleague.

-Use your reps and the company's as much as possible. You spend a lot of money on product and they have a full team of support for you.

-Know your anatomy and know how to treat complications. This is a must! You will feel 1000x more confident when injecting.

-Don’t get caught up in the injector influencers. Focus on your career and on your patients results.

-Charge for your time, knowledge, drugs and supply. This profession is not cheap getting in to and if you are constantly short handing yourself you will never get ahead or make this a full time career than can support you and your family.

-Set up your policies and be strict about them from the start. No exceptions. Don't let people take advantage of you, your career, and your time.

-Don’t buy big devices (lasers, EMSCULPT) until you have a steady clientele. A lot of Med spas go under in the first year for making this mistake.

-Stick with one company for injectables when starting out. It will help you grow quicker as you reach higher tiers.

-If the patient is talking sh*t about another medspa or provider, they will most likely talk s*** on you to. Avoid the gossip. Don't talk sh*t on your fellow medical professionals. We need to stick together.

-Don’t tolerate bullying from other providers that are being competitive. Find mentors in your area and stay a team.

-Hire a team. You can only do so much alone.

-It is not a write off if you aren't making the revenue. Don't go crazy. Be smart with your spending.

-Don't judge a book by its cover. If your patient walks in with a LV purse and dressed to the nines, don't just assume they have the money to spend. I have found that patients will surprise you. Those that are not over dressed or not wearing designer accessories are sometimes your high spenders. So don't just assume. Treat everyone equally, giving them full plans and let them tell you what they can do and not do.

-Every patient needs an at home skin care routine. Don't just inject their face and send them off. Teach them skin care and have products available for them to trial so that they will hopefully listen to you and purchase the most needed items. (always SPF)

-At the end of the day your clients you are injecting represent you. Don't do something to them you wouldn't do to your self. They are your portfolio.

-Be authentic. There is so much competition in this industry and a lot of copying. I am fine with people copying me. I take it as a compliment and you should too. I have found that if you do what you love and you stay true to yourself and your patients, you will be successful!

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