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Top 5 Botox mistakes!

1. Not waiting 2 full weeks for a touch up after your initial tox treatment. Drugs such as Botox can take 2 full weeks to take effect. If you come back at the one week mark for a tweak it may give you an unwanted result! Be patient and wait 2 full weeks before touching up tox. Injectors, don’t let the patient pressure you before it’s time!

2. Not waiting AT LEAST 90 days in-between tox treatments. I only want to see you 3-4x a year for your tox appointment!! If you keep coming back before the drug is out of your system you will build up a tolerance to it and it might not work for you some day! Injectors DONT allow this, you are giving your patients a disservice.

3. Not following strict after care instructions. There is a reason we say: No working out for 24 hours, no laying down for 4 hours, no touching the injection sites or applying make up for 4-12 hours, etc. Follow these instructions and injectors enforce them!

4. Not using medical grade skincare and wearing SPF everyday to PROTECT your investment. If you are investing $$$ in your injections, you need to also be taking care of your skin at home. Spf everyday! Injectors: get your patients on an at home routine with medical grade skincare!

5. Last, is having the expectation that you will be “frozen” for 3-4 months. This is not the goal. Tox injections are for preventative measures. The drug hits its peak at about 6 weeks and then slowly starts to wear off. Obviously this is a little different per patient but we need to have realistic expectations about tox injections. Injectors: TEACH your patients this! Teach them this and more!

Xx Nurse Lauren

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