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Clogged Pores?? Here's what you can do!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

At home regimen: 1. Cleansing is so important and there are many cleansers on the market! I like a good double cleanse 2x a day with a gentle cleanser and an exfoliating cleanser 1-2 x a week 2. Retinol will help with skin cell turn over, oil reduction, and anti aging 3. We can also use gentle acids such as mandelic acid to reduce facial oils or if you suffer from acne you can use glycolic and salacylic acids to treat bacteria and help clear out your pores.

clogged pores

My favorite products: 1. SkinBetter Peel pads 1x a week (triple acid) 2. Face Reality Mandelic Acid spot treat daily 3. Elta MD foaming cleanser daily 4. Skin Medica AHA/bHA exfoliating cleanser 1-2x a week 5. Face reality hydra balance and cranpeptide for non pore clogging moisturizer 6. SPF from elta MD or skinBetter 7. SkinBetter alpha ret for nightly gentle retinol 8. Obagi 15% vitamin C serum - helps with inflammation, brightening, fights bacteria In clinic treatments:

1. Diamond glow to exfoliate and infuse a pore clarifying serum 2. Chemical peel to kill bacteria and remove dead skin cells 3. Monthly facials to properly extract and hydrate the skin All products can be found at All SkinBetter products can be found at Any in clinic treatment can be booked online at or by Calling 314-394-0204! Come on in and we would love to help get you started on a skincare regimen and treatment plan for your skin needs! #nosepores #skincare #nursepractitioner #stlmedspa #acne #cloggedpores #cloggedporeskincare #dermatology #skinbetterscience #facereality #diamondglowstl #stlmo #kirkwoodmo #creastwoodmo #sunsethillsmo #desperesmo #nurselnjectorlife

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