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Migrated Filler!

The cdc recommends dissolving your old filler.… but really, let’s do it!

We have learned better techniques and we are injecting differently now from 5 years ago! Let’s reverse and start fresh! We can also reverse bumps, and area of unevenness from filler. Pro tip: build slowly!

(Migrated filler that has been reversed)

If you are one of my patients and you have been loyal with myself or one of Modern Meds Injectors for your filler treatments, we will be assessing for migrated filler and if we see it, we will reverse for free.

If you are new to Modern Med and you have migrated filler, we will not inject on top of it without reversing first. If you have filler and we do not agree that it is up to our standards we will not touch your face with out reversing.

Filler reversal is painful and expensive. It can cost $200+ per session

For anyone considering lip filler for the first time, choose your injector wisely! 💓






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