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FDA approved botox allows us to treat the upper face including frown lines, crows feet, and forehead wrinkles. These areas are great when just getting started. Now, let's talk about off label injections. Did you know that a lip flip is off label? Did you know we can treat your trap muscle tension? There are so many areas we can treat with botox. I will list a few here:

  • traps for tension and muscle relaxation

  • armpits for sweating

  • nose for wrinkles, oil reduction, and pore size (microtox)

  • hands and feet for sweating

  • calf muscles for size reductions

  • masseters for TMJ/jaw pain, clenching, and facial slimming

  • lip flip

  • gummy smile

  • chin for dimpling

  • frown lines from the mouth (DAOS)

  • neckbands for sliming (platysmal bands)

  • neck for wrinkles

  • temples for migraines

  • eye wrinkles for "jelly rolls"

Every area listed above, we are trained to do at Modern Med! Come see us for a consultation!

Watch my video of my coworker injecting my traps with botox!

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